Perspective on Health & Safety

Posted by Adam Harries on Friday, October 24, 2014

If you think that Health & Safety has gone over the top in the UK, you may have fallen for some of the misleading rubbish that gets published in the press. 

It's a fundamental right that a person that goes out to do an honest days work in order to provide for their family should come home safely at the end of the day, without being exposed to anything that could injure or kill them, or damage their health in any way.

Shift the focus onto someone you care about. Your wife, husband, or your child who has reached working age and is now entering the world of work for the first time. 

I'll bet that if anything happened to them, you would be asking some tough questions about what went wrong and why. Who was responsible? If they turned round and said they didn't abide by the relevant Health & Safety legislation because in their view it was too burdensome, would you accept that?

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